Burgaflex supports the customer in more aspects than just supplying its products, giving the right advice and the required technical support is the highest priority. With a well-equipped engineering and quality department, the right products, for the right application according to customer-specific requirements can be developed.

From the start of a project Burgaflex advises the customer to allow the process to flow as efficiently as possible. New developments can be added into the design and also reverse engineering based on a sample is one of the possibilities.

During the design process, global standards and Burgaflex specifications are taken into account. 3D models can be created by our engineers with our CAD system in the most common formats. Reverse engineering based on a mock up sample is also possible. In our measuring room the data from the sample can be taken with our 3D measuring device.


To maintain our reputation of supplying quality products, we have a fully equipped modern laboratory in our facility in Holland. The laboratory performs pressure tests under water with air or nitrogen as well as helium. Burgaflex is able to carry out all tests according SAE J2064, our own Burgaflex specifications and more. We can also do a salt spray test, cleanliness test, vibration test and tensile strength test.

In Australia Burgaflex has access to a complete HVAC and refrigeration testing centre. The facility is capable of validation of airconditioning and refrigeration components and systems under various climatic conditions.


The production of the fittings, bended tubing and tube assemblies is done according to the ISO TS16949 procedures and applicable quality standards. The production facilities have been set up in such a manner that the can be easily adapted to possible changes in the demand whether it concerns a serial product or a prototype. Quality at Burgaflex is in line with the expectations of the customer needs. The definition applies to the entire organization and is supported by all employees. The quality management systems per facility have been tuned in to each other so information can easily be transferred among each facility.

Burgaflex sustainability


Burgaflex makes sure that the production scrap is limited to a minimum. The remaining metals are collected and recycled. All other drop-out currents are disposed of separated. Think of oil waste and lubricants. Furthermore the policy is focused on saving energy at all times. During external audits at suppliers sustainable policy gets the necessary attention in order to contribute through the entire business chain. The ultimate goal is to manufacture CO2 neutral.


The company Burgaflex has been established October 1st 1984 by Mr van Gastel and Mr. van Tilburg, who were working at the former American company Stratoflex Inc. in Roosendaal. This company manufactured hydraulic/ automotive/aerospace hoses and fittings for numerous applications. Burgaflex Holland today, is still in the exact same spot as where the company was originally founded, in Etten-Leur - Holland.

Through the years Burgaflex developed their own production facilities for hydraulic and airconditioning fittings and tubing. More and more requirements from manufacturers of original equipment in the field of airconditioning hoses and hose assemblies lead to a further development of the product range of Burgaflex. The hose program expanded with oil, heater and airbrake hoses. In 2010 the general management took over the Burgaflex companies to lead the company into a further worldwide growth. With 8 companies in the Burgaflex, they are well on their way.